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SAP NetWeaver developer Studio – Compile Error

8 May, 2006 1 comment

Was getting weird error when trying to compile a project today:

The project was not built due to "Problems encountered while copying resources.". Fix the problem, then try refreshing this project and rebuilding it since it may be inconsistent.

After a quick Google it appears this has happened to others and a re-install fixed the problem. I managed to fix the problem by:

Highlighting the project in the Enterprise Portal perspective then doing a File => Refresh from the menu.

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Ruby script to rename windows subversion files .svn to _svn

4 May, 2006 1 comment
Dir["**/.svn"].each do |folder|
	File.rename(folder, folder.sub('.svn', '_svn'))
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Subversion server + windows + backup

3 May, 2006 Comments off

So you want to backup your repository?

Unfortunately you cannot do a straight backup of your repository as someone may have a file open/locked which will cause problems on restore. So you should do a “hot copy” to prevent any locking issues when the actual backup is made. My “hot copy” is created using the following batch file:

REM Reset hot copy
rmdir /S /Q c:\\svnrepos_hotcopy
mkdir c:\\svnrepos_hotcopy

REM Initiate SVN backup. Use svadmin hotcopy --help for details
svnadmin hotcopy c:\\svnrepos c:\\svnrepos_hotcopy --clean-logs

I run this batch file daily as a scheduled task before the actual backup.

This batch file is a modification of the batch file described over at:

Blended Technologies

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