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Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2007

30 May, 2007 Comments off

I was lucky enough to be at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix this year after a friend (John “Diddy” Donaldson) won a trip aboard a luxury yacht for the weekend. After nail biting coin toss I was invited along to literally the trip of a life time. So here are the photos, videos and links:



LINKS – In case you want to hire the yacht

The only downside of the trip was the day after the race when depression sets in as you realise your not really a millionaire!

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Monorail + NVelocity + How to find out if your in the first item of a foreach loop?

17 May, 2007 Comments off

A colleague needed to add a button to the first row of a table but how do you do this in a foreach loop?

NVelocity has a property called $velocityCount which you can check within the foreach loop:

#foreach($detail in $details)
      #if($velocityCount == 1) First Row! #end
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