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Resharper format settings

10 June, 2009 1 comment

I can never remember these so thought it best to write them down. Start with the settings from:

Plus a few extras…

Go to menu Resharper –> Options –> Languages –> C# –> Formatting Style

  • Braces Layout –> All set to (BSD style)
  • Braces Layout –> Empty braces formatting = Together on the same lineimage
  • Blank lines – I don’t like a lot of blank lines so I set mostly to 1/0image
  • Other –> Align Multiline Constructs – Call arguments = Off

  • Other –> Align Multiline Constructs – Expression = Offimage

  • Other –> Other – Indent array, object and collection initializer block = Offimage


Stop Resharper adding regions to interface implementations and nested classes:

Go to menu: Resharper –> Options –> Languages –> C# –> Type Members Layout

Un-tick Use Default Patterns and you get a text area full of xml. Scroll to the bottom and delete the section:

  <ImplementsInterface Immediate="true" Region="${ImplementsInterface} Members"/>


Also  delete the section:

  <Name Region="Nested type: ${Name}"/>


Finally click Ok.

Code Cleanup

Go to menu Resharper –> Options –> Tools –> Code Cleanup

Add a new profile with the following settings:


I didn’t realise I had fiddled with the default settings so much no wonder I can never remember them.

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TortoiseSVN + Global ignore pattern

10 October, 2007 Comments off

build_log.xml *.suo *.user _ReSharper* *.resharper bin obj class build

Add a new project to Subversion server in Windows XP

22 February, 2006 1 comment

NOTE: You must have TortoiseSVN installed for these instructions to work!

First create your Project folder structure:


Place your source in the trunk folder.

In windows explorer right click on ProjectName folder and select TortiseSVN -> Import from the menu.

You will now see the import screen:

Enter the repository/ProjectName an import message and click OK.

You have now created the project in Subversion but you must still check out the source you just imported. This can be done via TortoiseSVN or directly in eclipse using the subclipse add in.

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Installing subversion server on windows

21 February, 2006 2 comments

We used subversion (or svn for short) server running on windows as our version control server as it integrates very nicely with eclipse.

We found a guide for installation:

Mere-Moments Guide to installing a Subversion server on Windows

But it turned out all we really needed was the subversion 1-click install:

svn 1-clicksetup

Intergration with eclipse was easy too:


We also found a nice windows client for subversion:


Job done we’re good to go.

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