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Shibboleth settings for TorqueBox

16 July, 2011 Comments off

Authentication Settings

Notes on setting up Shibboleth against an Apache Reverse Proxy to TorqueBox.

Config File: /etc/httpd/conf.d/shib.conf

ShibUseHeaders On
AuthType shibboleth
ShibRequestSetting requireSession 1
require valid-user

The ‘ShibUseHeaders On‘ setting tells Shibboleth to pass along its attributes as request headers so your sinatra/rails application can gain access to them allowing you to implement your own authorisation system.

Simple Authorisation

If you don’t need a complex authorisation system and you don’t mind users seeing a standard Shibboleth authorisation error page:

You can implement this via your Shibboleth settings using the require statement:

ShibUseHeaders On
AuthType shibboleth
ShibRequestSetting requireSession 1
require grouper_groups ~ MySecurityGroup

Here we require the custom grouper_groups attribute matches on the regular expression after the ‘~‘. Basically to access the protected url the user must be a member of the MySecurityGroup.

Top Tip

When playing with your Shib settings don’t forget to restart httpd to see the affect.
sudo /sbin/service httpd restart

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Setup Apache Reverse Proxy to Torquebox

16 July, 2011 Comments off

Setup Apache as a Reverse Proxy in front of a standalone Torquebox server.

Apache Setup

Proxy Module

For this to work Apache must have the mod_proxy module loaded:

Config file: /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

ProxyRequests Off # Switch off forward proxy
ProxyPreserveHost On # Pass host name onto the proxy
ProxyPass /myapp http://localhost:8080/myapp/ # Map url to remote server
ProxyPassReverse /myapp http://localhost:8080/myapp/ # Adjust header sent from remote server to match url

Here we are passing all calls to the /myapp/ url on to the Torquebox server http://localhost:8080/myapp/

TorqueBox Setup

In your Torquebox application folder create a file ‘config/torquebox.yml’ which contains a context which matches the Apache reverse proxy url.


context: /myapp
version: 1.9

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TorqueBox – gem install error

14 July, 2011 Comments off

TorqueBox Install

I’m playing with latest version of TorqueBox (Currently 2.x.incremental.245) the easiest way to install it is via a gem:

gem install torquebox-server --pre --source

Full details on the TorqueBox blog (


Anyhoose when doing the gem install on my dev server (CentOS 5.6) I got the error:

Error: Your application used more memory than the safety cap of 500m.
Specify -J-Xmx####m to increase it (#### = cap size in MB).


After a bit digging around it turns out you need to set the heap size when running the gem install:

jruby -J-Xmx900m -S gem install torquebox-server --pre --source

More details on stackoverflow.

Hope that helps someone or maybe me if have to do this again!

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